What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing

It is an online form of marketing your products/services. Digital marketing is the connection between the businesses and potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication. Digital marketing promotes your brand in a very wide and modern way, just because modern problem requires modern solutions.

  • Forms of digital marketing

1. Social Media Marketing – A form of Digital Marketing that uses social networking platform or websites to promote a product or service


  • Organic Social Media Marketing
  1. Establish business profile
  2. Engage through parts
  3. Connect though messaging


  • Paid Social Media Marketing

Advertising on social media platform

Facebook 25-34 (Age group)
Instagram 18-24 (Age group)
Twitter 69% Male 31% Female
We chat 26-35 (Age group)
Tik Tok 13-24 (Age group)
Snapchat 60% Female 69% Teens

2. Search engine optimization (SEO)Search engine optimization or SEO is the optimizing of  website traffic in both aspects i.e. quantity and quality. It is the process of improving ranking on search engines like Google. It majorly targets unpaid traffic.


  • Three main areas of SEO -:


  • On-page optimization –
  1. Optimize page elements
  2. Improve SEO
  3. Done On-page (Website)
  4. Focus on a page
  5. Coding of page


  • Off-page optimization –
  1. Actions you can take outside your website
  2. Develop good relationships with other webmasters
  3. Acquiring inbound links
  4. Engaging in social media
  5. Writing like-worth content


  • Technical optimization –
  1. Improving website.
  2. Understood by searching
  3. Improve the code & structure

3. Display advertising It is a type of advertising in which visuals play a very major role. In this advertising    text, image and URL which links to the website, basically which increases traffic on website. Display advertisers frequently target users with particulars traits to increase the ads’ effect. It conveys the message of an advertiser in a very engaging manner.


4. E- mail marketing – It is the sending of commercial mails to the group of people in order to market the    brand. It involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations.

5. Content marketing – A type of marketing in which there is a creation, publishing and sharing of content online, content like video, blogs, social media posts. It is not explicitly promote brand but it is intended to stimulate interest in it’s product and services

What is a digital marketing strategy?


Digital marketing campaigns are the building blocks and actions within your digital marketing strategy that move you toward a specific end goal.

For instance, if the overarching goal of your digital marketing strategy is to generate more leads through social media, you might run a digital marketing campaign on Twitter. You may share some of your business’s best-performing gated content on Twitter to generate more leads through the channel.

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