E-mail marketing

What is E-mail marketing?

E-mail marketing is the mailing of commercial mails to the group of people in order to market the brand. It involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations.
Small business have a very good economic tool to use i.e. E-mail marketing. They can use it to acquire, engage and retain customers. It is very much important to have a good clean e-mail list. It is always recommended to clean up any email list you want to use before sending a campaign.

Types of E-mail marketing 

  1. E-mail newsletter E-mail newsletter is the electronic report which provides the news of regarding the business, Some valuable knowledge and tools. Adding value to your subscribers is also a necessary thing to do.
    Try to build a relationship with subscribers via newsletter and the advantage of dong that is measurement of effectiveness of the newsletters.
  2. Retention E-mailsRetention means stopping or engaging the customers in your business so much, that they doesn’t think of any other brand of your industry. But, this one is a tricky part of e-mail marketing, one needs to have some experience before doing this. This could be a turning point for the small businesses. Mails are sent to people which contain requesting feedback or an offer to subscribers who haven’t interacted with your brand from a long time. Retention E-mails are a very useful email campaign strategy that can help you keep your hard-won customers.
  3. Acquisition E-mailsThis is one of the most effective and economic method of acquiring the new customers. Acquisition mails are sent to the people who have subscribed but not yet turned into customers. New customers can be acquired by informing them about the new offers and informative content; So that they become your active customer by the time.
    Acquisition emails are a great way to make people go through the marketing funnel faster, growth of business through this method is a fast process.
  4. Promotional E-mailsThis type of E-mails are sent to promote the brand. Whenever new product or services are launched, they can be promoted via promotional e-mails in a very effective way. It can also be sales driven process that entice and encourage your target to buy a new product/service. Promotional e-mails not only helps ent from the purpose of e-mail marketing must always contain the call-to-action button’you in boosting up revenue, but also increases customer retention and engagement.
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E-mail marketing is one of the effective ways to promote your brand and also a cost-effective method or economic. It is the powerful tool to acquire, retain and promote your brand or new products/services. Small businesses have a very good advantage through this, every small business needs to grow and email marketing can prove to be a break-even point for them. Whenever one feels worth subscribing or engaging, they are more likely to share them.

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