Social Media Marketing Packages/Pricing

Social media Marketing Packages: Looking across the world, we can see that the use of social media has become a part of everyone’s life. The majority of individuals spend their time on social media. Because of these factors, the usage of social media marketing is becoming increasingly prominent.

Social media marketing enables a company to gain a firm foundation in the online market. Where they may communicate with their consumers and gain a firsthand understanding of the difficulties they confront to improve their management and strategy. It also aids in the expansion of their network and connection, which is a critical part of any business.

Marketing Match connects you with several professionals who can assist your business in gaining a footing in the market.

What to Expect from Our Social Media Packages?

Marketing Match provides you with inexpensive and well-planned social media packages that are focused on return on investment.

  • Choose your SMM channels with the help of social media professionals.
  • Personalized calendars for each client
  • Select from our monthly packages beginning at 12000 INR.
  • A detailed plan of action with strategies and tactics that take into account the ever-changing algorithms.
  • Monthly evaluations and reports

Why do you Need Social Media Packages?

For both new and existing businesses, social media marketing services offer several benefits. Social media content marketing may lead to more search traffic, better SEO, healthier consumer engagement, and improved brand loyalty with the correct social media marketing packages /plan and campaign monitoring system.

  • Give your brand a platform to interact with your customers:
    Social media has had a significant impact on the online market, growing and adapting to become a powerful online market resource. With an effective social media page, you can communicate directly with your customers and learn about their demands and requirements, which can aid you in strategizing future campaigns and modifying your items to entice new customers.
  • Improve your online reputation:
    Various users’ opinions have been influenced by social media. By utilizing social media, you may not only promote your business but also assist your clients in understanding its relevance and necessity. Being on such a platform allows you to directly communicate your ideas and opinions to your prospective customers, which will help your company establish a positive online reputation.
  • Create brand awareness and credibility:
    Understanding the importance of social media in marketing allows you to form genuine relationships with potential clients. These tactics can help you build credibility and trust from your target consumers by sharing your opinions and responding to their needs, generating useful content, and engaging them to convert them into valued leads.
  • Redirect traffic to your website:
    There are millions of active users on the web, with an active time of an average of 2.5 hours, no doubt social media is the best platform to drive traffic to your websites. They provide numerous options to obtain business visitors and turn them into leads.
  • Help you understand your target audience:
    If your content doesn’t reach the correct audience, it won’t produce conversions, no matter how good or entertaining it is. You may discover and categorize your target clients using social media marketing by age, region, and online behaviors, among other factors. Experts in social media marketing identify and study your customer base to better understand your target customers’ online activity and create content and ads that are relevant to their demands.
  • Cost-effective branding:
    Small businesses and huge corporations can benefit from social media marketing because it is a low-cost strategy to reach out to their ideal customers. You can use a variety of social media sites to promote your products and services for a reasonable cost. Furthermore, one of the major advantages of the Cheap social media marketing package is that it allows you to contact an endless number of prospects in different regions without putting in additional effort or paying additional costs.
  • Get directly updated on your competitors:
    By using social media, you may get a sneak peek at what your competitors are up to and what people are saying about them. This will help us learn more about our competition and tailor our services to their preferences. We can use this to generate some improved Strategies to boost the number of people who see our page and attract new consumers.
  • Multiple Marketing Options:
    There are additional social media marketing tactics you may use to promote your business besides Facebook, YouTube, Linked In, and Instagram. WhatsApp, Messenger, WordPress, Pinterest, and Snapchat are examples of social media marketing platforms where you can also promote your brands. To determine the most relevant and profitable social media marketing platforms and tactics for your business, our social media marketing company does in-depth business evaluations, audience analysis, and competitor benchmarking.

Why Should You Choose Our Social Media Packages?

We have gotten a fundamental grasp of the importance of having an online presence for any brand or service as we have witnessed the growth and influence of social media over the last 2 years.

Therefore, Marketing Match’s SMM Packages are structured in such a way that they deliver the most ROI for online marketing demands at the most affordable SMM costs. Nonetheless, our social media marketing packages are best suited for every type of business, from small to medium to large, that wants to establish or improve its social presence.

Our objective is to maintain your social media reputation so you can focus on growing your business through increased trust, content, and social media ad marketing.

Social Media Marketing Packages

Plans Basic Advance VIP
Pricing 12000 INR / 133 USD Exclusive all Taxes15000 INR / 204 USD Exclusive all Taxes24000 INR / 326 USD Exclusive all Taxes
Any 2 social media Channel set up and Operation.For additional channels, there will be additional charges. Any 2 social media channel set up and operation.For additional channels, there will be additional charges. Any 2 social media channel set up and operation.For additional channels, there will be additional charges.
No of posts per month:10-1215-1822-28
AnimationNO (additional charges for animation)2-3 (Additional charges for extra animations)3-5 (Additional charges for extra animations)
Influencer MarketingNo Influencer MarketingNo Influencer MarketingYes
Ad spendAdditional Charges Ad SpendAdditional Charges Ad SpendAdditional Charges

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Business Manager SetNoYesYes
Pixel InstallationNoYesYes
Custom Conversion CreationNoNoYes
Custom Audience CreationYesYesYes
Creation Of Automated RulesNoNoYes
Facebook Analytics Report CreationYesYesYes
Ad Campaign MonitoringYesYesYes
Catalog Creation NoNoYes
Dynamic Ads CreationNoNoYes
Instant Experience Ads CreationNoYesYes
Customization Of Ad PlacementsYesYesYes
A/B Testing Of Ad Set, Creative And PlacementNoNoYes
Carousel And Collection AdsYesYesYes
Traffic MonitoringYesYesYes
Monthly Report YesYesYes

Instagram Marketing 

Audience reach YesYesYes 
Creative and stories YesYesYes
Instagram adsYesYesYes
Instagram Ads MonitoringYesYesYes
Instagram management YesYesYes

Linkedin Marketing

Account set upYesYesYes
Campaign Manager YesYesYes
LinkedIn Insight Tag InstallationNoNoYes
Ads Monitoring YesYesYes
Monthly Report YesYesYes
Creation Of Custom ConversionNoNoYes

Youtube Marketing

Youtube Ad Account Set Up Yes Yes Yes
Skippable In-Stream AdsYes Yes Yes
Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads NoYes Yes
Bumper AdsNoYes Yes
Discovery Ads NoNoYes
Youtube Video Sequence AdsNoNoYes
Detailed Audience CreationYes Yes Yes
Custom AudienceYes Yes Yes
A/B Testing Of Targeting NoNoYes
Remarketing Video AdsYes Yes Yes
Video Ads With Promotion Of Your ProductsYes Yes Yes
Monthly Report Yes Yes Yes

Twitter Marketing

Tweet Engagement Ads Yes Yes Yes
Video Or GIF View AdsNoNoYes
Awareness AdsNoYes Yes
Website Conversion AdsNoNoYes
In-stream Video View Ads NoNoYes
Follower Ads NoNoYes
App Install Ads NoYes Yes
App Re-engagement NoNoYes
Audience CreationYes Yes Yes
Monthly Report Yes Yes Yes