Twitter Marketing agency in Jaipur

Thorough times Twitter has only grown its popularity. It plays an immense part in your social media marketing plan, also it has become a perfect place for promoting brand services or events. Many small business owners have been experienced remarkable results while marketing on Twitter.
Many users have appraised its potential by using it to help their brands grow and observing that it costs very scant to sell a product on Twitter. Marketing Match has provided Twitter Marketing Agency in Jaipur with a well- thought strategies and plans with the help of our marketing experts.

How Twitter helps your brands and businesses?

The social networking site is widely used in all nations around the world, allowing the company to reach a global audience in a matter of days. Many prominent brands have utilized Twitter as an efficient tool for brand promotion and marketing. Twitter also provides services such as microblogging and social networking.

Why do most brands prefer Twitter Marketing Agency?

  • Engagement with tags- Here tagging someone will give you an additional customer base to get engagement, that additional customer base is of the person or brand you tagged. This way you can interact with more people to build connections. Also if we tag someone then that tweet will be visible to its network, as per the algorithm it assumes you’d like to view stuff comparable to what’s already in your network.
  • Multiple tweets allowed- Twitter is the only platform where you can post multiple times a day (up to 15 times). Tweets have such a short lifespan in the continuous stream of posts that constant changes are required to remain relevant. This way Twitter gives you an opportunity to interact with your customers with varied content.
  • Inbuilt monitoring- Twitter gives you access to a tool called TweetDeck that is specialized in monitoring. Simply choose the accounts, keywords, or hashtags you want to follow, and TweetDeck will generate customized feeds for your chosen parameters. This way you can go with trends and get more conversions.
  • Increase web traffic- “Did you know 47 % of the people who visit a Twitter profile also visit the website linked to that profile?”
    Because Twitter is a great area to create and promote a brand’s voice, users will frequently visit a brand’s Twitter profile to gain a better sense of the brand.
    Tip- If you are redirecting your traffic to your website, keep in mind that the page voice should match your website otherwise it will not give a good impression on your customers eventually resulting in low engagement.
  • Can know Your target audience- Twitter users are provided with native analytics within the platform, which is among the best available on social networking networks. This way you can know the behavior and interest of your prospective viewers and help you develop content that will increase your engagement and sales.

Why should you invest in Twitter Advertising?

Twitter is one of the best ways to build your online presence organically. Using Twitter advertisements is an extremely powerful way to influence purchasing decisions, and if you want to know why you should be leveraging Twitter ads to promote your brand, read on.
Here are some reasons to know why Twitter advertisements can benefit your business.

  • Active followers- Twitter has an active user base with several tweets flowing on the internet each day. Most people trust Twitter as they have been using it for a long time, due to this your can influence their decisions and increase your sales.
    Pay as you perform- When you promote tweets on Twitter, you only pay when your marketing goal is met. You only pay when people take that action, whether it’s website conversions or Twitter interaction. Everything on Twitter is the same.
  • Keyword targeting- Twitter allows you to target your audience according to what they search. You can target those who have used a specific word or hashtag in their past seven Twitter updates. With this amazing feature, Instead of tweeting to everyone, you can target only those interested in the topic.
  • You can customize your audience- It’s simple to download a list of every follower for every Twitter account using a platform like BirdSong Analytics and construct your customized audience to target with Twitter ads. Tailored audiences make it incredibly simple to get in front of any account.
  • Twitter Ads Outperform Guest Blogging- Guest blogging is one of the most common ways for people to try growing their brand by tapping into the current readership of a popular and respected business journal. Rather than spending a couple of hours creating a new blog article or guest post, you can simply promote an existing piece of content that you know and like on Twitter and invest some money in it.

Why choose Marketing Match as your Twitter Marketing Agency?

Marketing Match is a seasoned Twitter Marketing agency in Jaipur that specializes in giving high-quality marketing services. With the support of our well-experienced staff, we are here to help your product/service achieve higher brand visibility and help our clients enhance their lead generation and conversion rates.
So, if you want to market your business online on Twitter, use our world-class Twitter marketing services in Jaipur and reap a slew of high-quality customers from a single, global platform- Twitter.

Services we assist you in your Twitter Marketing plan

  • Make a proper professional or customized profile
  • Optimize your Twitter profile
  • Ensuring Engagement and Follower Growth
  • Creating content strategy and planning it thoroughly
  • Create the best content for your brand.
  • Using Influencer Marketing
  • Focussing on Twitter advertising for more engagement
  • Maintain and provide campaign reports
  • Monitoring your profile and growth