Our work with water treatment companies like Jet Aqua RO is to build their brand and provide them with the best social media presence for their clients in India as well as Abroad/internationally. We help our partners like Jet Aqua to have a robust social media presence and to provide them with the impactful and creative info-graphics. This is helpful in building their powerful presence on social media and helping their distributors and retailers which they can show to their consumers. We at Marketing Match help to make their vision for the company a reality by making impactful info-graphics for their offline/online channel partners.

1. Onset 
Jet aqua is an RO purifier company selling its products in India as well as internationally. It’s a well-established company and the brand needed branding and online presence.

2. Strategy
Jet aqua’s major challenge was to provide powerful, creative and impactful infographics so that their distributors and retailers can showcase it to the consumer. As it is a water purifier brand we not only described the product but created awareness for water conservation and why it is important to drink clean water.

3. Impact
We have successfully helped Jet Aqua with impactful infographics for its offline channel partners as well as maintaining their social presence.

4. Response
Considering the product we made awareness for clean and safe drinking water and conservation. Keeping energetic , pure, awareness as our main content alleys.

5. Products
RO purifiers and Water Filters

6. Platforms
Instagram and Facebook



Jet Aqua RO


26 October, 2018


Architecture, Digital Art