The importance of Social Media Marketing for small businesses was never conventional as it is now. During the pandemic, social media becomes the only medium for them to promote their brand/ services. When we look at any social media platform nowadays, we can see that they have become a crucial component of branding, not just for small businesses but also for large-scale corporations.

Given the stats that 53.6% of the population are active social media users. No wonder that 73% of advertisers believed that marketing on these sites can be very successful branding tools. It was expected, in 2019 that marketing on social media platforms will be increased by 20 % in the next 2 years and it has indeed increased. In 2021, 54% of social browsers use social media to research products, looking for reviews and recommendations. []. Not only was that but, the response of customers on these sites was extraordinary. Interaction with your customers and listening to their suggestions shows that your brand is genuine. 71 percent of consumers who have had a favorable social media encounter with a brand are inclined to recommend the brand to their friends and family.

However, social media will not have an immediate impact on your business. Creating an online presence and getting a good ROI takes time. Marketing Match gives you a platform where you can seek the help of experts to make an exceptional identity online and surpass ROI from any other traditional advertisement you run.

How Social Media Marketing Can Help Small Businesses to Generate Leads?

Lead generation on social media is all about implementing various marketing strategies and tactics for capturing leads and pulling them into the sales funnel. It was observed that business grew 24% by using social media for lead generation.  Marketing Match offers you various methodologies and tactics to help you generate leads.

The Following Are the Primary Goals of How Businesses Use Social Media as Part of Their Lead Generation Process.

Increase brand awareness: Almost 3.02 billion social media active users are recorded worldwide by 2021. With more and more people adding up to the stats, increase your chances of targeting your potential clients. Capturing the attention of a large number of customers makes it easier to create brand awareness on these platforms.

Enticing new customers or increasing reach: Before targeting a new audience first try to strengthen your connection with existing ones. Know their interest, interact with them, acknowledge their feedback. This will help you understand your customers and then try to make your strategy according to this analysis. This will not only help you get loyal customers but also you can entice new ones, which will eventually turn them into valuable leads.

Increase web traffic: There are millions of active users on the web, with an active time of an average of 2.5 hours, no doubt social media is the best platform to drive traffic to your websites. They provide numerous options to obtain business visitors and turn them into leads.

Influencer Marketing: Influencer marketing has become the new age of marketing surpassing various traditional platforms. Brands are driving towards social media to help build brand trust and one of its reason is 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations on social media.

Creating effective content: Good and influential content plays an important role in increasing the volume of quality traffic to your sites. Strategic and well-executed content can draw your audience to your company’s website, which eventually they will convert into leads, and then sales.

Package Deliverables Deliverables Deliverables
Package name Affordable Best value VIP option
Pricing/month 25,000 35,000 60,000
No of post/month 10-12 15-18  22-28
Platforms Instagram and Facebook Instagram and Facebook Instagram and Facebook
Stories 20-30 30-40 40-50
Animation 2-3 3-5 5-7
Influencer marketing yes yes yes

How does Social Media help to Understand Your True Audience?

Developing a clear understanding of your target audient is the most important factor for any social media marketer.

Your audience varies according to every brand and service you provide, it can be based on age, gender, education, location, etc. Your true audiences are the people who are most likely to be interested in your products.

Based on data and analytics, Importance of Social Media Marketing can develop a brief idea about who your target audience is? Here are some points which we use to help our clients in finding their target audience. For eg @dreamtourplanner

Analyze characteristics of your customer- Study the insights of the social media platforms you are using. Tracking these numbers will help you find what is their age? Gender? Location? These demographics will help you understand your customer’s behavior, what are their pain points, their liking towards your brand.

For example according to our client’s dream tour planner. In dream tour planners our audiences are mostly in the range 18-35. The majority of them live in Delhi some are from Mumbai, Ahemdabad, Surat, and Jaipur.

If we talk about gender majority for like 86% are men and the rest are women.

By analyzing these stats you will be able to make proper strategies and tactics to target a new audience of the same liking.

Study most active time of your customers

Once you understand who your target audient is, figure out at what time they are active on social media and which platform they are using. Like if we look at the stats of previous years. You will get to know that mostly the older generation is using Facebook and it has been doubled in recent years.

The age group around 16-30 are the most loyal and frequent customers to Instagram. Likewise, 18-50 share a common interest in using Twitter. Knowing where your target audience can help you prioritize which social media sites to focus on and what time is best to post your content, to get maximum reach on your page.

For example, Most active time of the day for our social media audience is from 6-9 p.m.

They are mostly active on Instagram as Instagram is a suitable platform for the age group of our audience.

Check your competitors

One of the best ways to look for your target audiences is by looking at what your competitors are doing? Who they are appealing to? Which platform they are active on?

You will find an answer to these questions by taking a note of what they are posting. Who are their top followers, what are their activity and engagement on their posts, and what hashtags they are using?

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